About Us

Who are we?

We are a faith-supported full service addiction medicine clinic that uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a data driven modality for treating addiction and facilitating recovery. This means we may use various medications and counseling techniques to help those struggling with addiction maintain sobriety in an outpatient setting.

Our Patients

The majority of our patients are everyday hardworking people in the community who simply need help and guidance to live a normal life. Addiction patients struggling with this lifelong illness are often influenced by genetics, prior medical conditions, or lifestyle choices. Many have had difficult childhoods and endured dysfunctional circumstances. However, they eventually recognize their need for help and their desire to feel “like other people.” Most want privacy when seeking help which factors into the location we seek for each clinic. We want the patient and community to feel safe. Most return after starting the program, looking and feeling normal. It is not uncommon to hear patients thank us for improving their quality of life and for helping them function normally in their job and family.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to rehabilitate individuals who struggle with addiction. We believe this changes families, which in turn affects communities in a positive way. We aim to support patient functionality using medicine and counseling, as well as offer gentle weaning for those who are able to come off medicine completely. Success to us is helping these patients create goals or build on their passions. We also seek to break the dysfunctional thinking patterns most struggling with addiction have. We find that if our patients have success in doing this and maintain good acountability through our program and their support systems, then we can get many patients working or volunteering in the community. A positive cycle begins as they see change. They begin to feel valuable. This is true success!

Patient-Focused. Life-Changing. Non-Judging.

Commitment to Patients

The addiction crisis in our country is significant. Ignoring it wont make it go away. Emmaus desires to tackle this problem using a model that has proven success. Our hope is to expand to other areas to reach as many people as possible. Our desire as we walk alongside those struggling is that communities will support our effort for change, and celebrate with those who have found freedom through our program.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of well-trained and caring professionals consists of receptionists, billers, insurance credentiarlers, medical technicians, lab technicians, counselors, nurse practitioners, physicians, and office managers. They all desire to make a difference in our community and support those fighting this terrible disease. We require a personal standard of care from the reception desk to the time each patient leaves the clinic. This creates a life changing experience!

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