Addiction Treatment

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Dr. Chip Backus is a seasoned ER doctor who has shifted his focus toward addiction medicine – a relatively new and often misunderstood field.

Despite starting his medical journey in general surgery, Dr. Backus found his true calling in emergency medicine, a decision largely influenced by his commitment to his family. Throughout his years in the emergency room, Dr. Backus became aware of the growing need for specialists in addiction medicine as he witnessed many patients grappling with dependence on pain medications.

What is Addiction?

Dr. Backus understands addiction to be a treatable brain disorder that manifests in various aspects of an individual’s life.

Dr. Backus is dedicated to identifying the root cause of addiction and assisting his patients in discovering their purpose in life. He strongly believes in providing all-rounded care and support, understanding that addiction does not solely exist as a social, moral, or criminal issue, but rather as a brain problem capable of being treated effectively.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction medicine has faced its share of criticism in the past. However, Dr. Backus is part of a growing movement that seeks to legitimize and bring recognition to the field. He firmly believes that addiction is a brain disorder, but, importantly, one that can be treated.

One of the tools Dr. Backus employs in his treatment approach is Suboxone, a partial agonist that aids patients struggling with opioid addiction. However, his treatment method goes beyond merely prescribing medication; he employs a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that encompasses counseling, peer recovery specialists, and addressing any other medical issues that arise. Suboxone’s advantage lies in its nature as a partial agonist, meaning it doesn’t provide the full effect of opioids, thereby making it safer for patients battling addiction.

Dr. Backus’s multi-dimensional approach to addiction treatment sets him apart. Alongside medication, his program incorporates counseling, peer recovery, and other medical interventions. His ultimate goal, beyond treating the physical aspects of addiction, is to help patients reconnect with their life’s purpose.

His clinics, set up to provide a comprehensive addiction treatment program, are located in Tennessee and Virginia. The need for more people to seek treatment for substance use disorders is something Dr. Backus feels strongly about.

Redefining how we view addiction is part of the mission too. Far from it being a choice, those who battle addiction often carry deep feelings of remorse. But hope is on the horizon. As Dr. Backus succinctly puts it: Addiction is a brain problem manifesting in various life areas, and it is treatable.


In summary, this article gives valuable insights into the complex world of addiction medicine straight from an expert’s perspective. Dr. Backus’s dedicated and multi-faceted approach to treating addiction is a testament that there is hope and help for those struggling.

Dr. Backus offers his specialized services at his clinics located in Tennessee and Virginia. His commitment to treating addiction extends to anyone seeking help to overcome substance use disorder. So join us in welcoming Dr. Chip Backus as he shares his wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to help those battling addiction live healthier, fulfilling lives.

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