Full Service Addiction
Medicine Clinic

We are a faith-supported full service addiction medicine clinic that uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a data driven modality for treating addiction and facilitating recovery. This means we may use various medications and counseling techniques to help those struggling with addiction maintain sobriety in an outpatient setting.

Our primary goal is to rehabilitate individuals who struggle with addiction. We believe this changes families, which in turn affects communities in a positive way. We aim to support patient functionality using medicine and counseling, as well as offer gentle weaning for those who are able to come off medicine completely.

Our Approach

Outpatient Visits

Individual Therapy

We utilize intensive counseling to increase the recovery rates of those seeking recovery from addiction.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Group Therapy

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist those struggling with substance use disorder, while using positive supportive care towards recovery and purpose.

  • Faith-Supported

    We support paths to attain psychological and spiritual wellness,while advocating for each person’s unique healing journey.

  • Specialty

    Our main focus is opiate abuse as it seems to be responsible for the majority of deaths associated with substance abuse. However, we treat all addictions such as alcohol abuse, stimulant abuse, and etc.

  • History

    Since 2006 we have been operating and improving at a facility in the Greenville, Tennessee Area. We currently have three locations in Tennessee: Bulls Gap and Johnson City. We are continuing to expand as the need is overwhelming.

Quality, Efficiency, And

Our mission is to assist those struggling with substance use disorder.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatments

Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction

Treatment for Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

We Have Helped Hundredsof People Quit

Insurance Accepted

We currently accept all patients, and most insurances. Assuredly, if we don’t accept a patient’s
insurance, we work with them to help keep their care affordable

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