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At Emmaus Medical & Counseling, every patient will receive personalized attention and treatment plans to put them on the path to sobriety and mental and physical well-being. We offer various treatments, programs, and faith-supported services to promote wellness. For more information about our addiction treatment plans in Johnson City, TN call 423-202-3008 today.


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Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care while helping our clients overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

We provide different treatment options for individuals struggling with substance abuse & help them develop the skills they need to make lasting lifestyle changes that will support their sobriety.

Our program includes evidence-based therapies, 12-step programs, relapse prevention strategies, medication management & other interventions that have been proven successful in the past.

Our team specializes in treating opioid addiction by providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and other evidence-based therapies. Our skilled experts help in weaning off opioids safely.

We provide FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help our patients manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal, reduce cravings and prevent any kind of relapse from happening.

Our recovery clinic offers to help individuals achieve abstinence and long-term sobriety. We believe that Post-treatment support is an essential part of any successful recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Services For Gate City

Drug Addiction Treatment In Gate City

The value of drug abuse treatment is sometimes underrated. Emmaus Medical & Counseling offers a variety of treatment options for substance abuse, including PHP (partial hospitalization), IOP (intensive outpatient), outpatient, and 12-step support groups. Each stage is crucial to one’s recovery and is essential. Most people view enrolling in a treatment program as a burden on their lives in today’s fast-paced world of mounting pressures. They don’t seem to realize that they could be entering a potentially dangerous area if they don’t take the time to look closely at their lives and exercise caution in their recovery.

Most of the time, people refrain from their preferred drink or drug without addressing the underlying concerns that led them to do so in the first place, shortchanging themselves in the process. They fail to grasp that recovering from addiction entails much more than merely refraining from substance use. When you go through a physical detox, you still have the mental impulses and triggers that kept you using in the first place, which proves that addiction originates from the inside. You will be put in a situation where you are exposed to repeating the same errors you did in the past if you don’t identify those issues and take action to address them.

Affordable Drug Rehab Services

Enrolling in a Drug Rehab; A Good Idea?

Finding the appropriate help for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming and stressful. Reliable Drug Rehab facilities are essential because they always have a good influence on the addicts and those around them. After all, drug addiction has damaging repercussions on both. These facilities aim to give drug addicts a second chance at life. They provide a range of services, including counseling and treatment. It’s crucial to pick a reputable rehab facility if you struggle with drug addiction so that you may receive support in overcoming the problem and returning to your everyday life.

To assist drug addicts in ending their harmful habits, most respectable treatment facilities hire highly qualified counselors and medical professionals. Emmaus Medical & Counseling believes in hiring the best people for the job. We are determined to provide a safe environment for people suffering from substance abuse disorder. Long-term rehabs usually consist of medical detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and finally, outpatient treatment, coupled with a sober community. If you can attend a longer-term rehab, you should take that opportunity.

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

The Vitality of Drug Addiction Treatment

Nobody should deal with addiction alone since it is a complex process. There is a solution if you or someone you care about has trouble overcoming addiction. We at Emmaus Medical & Counseling know how difficult it can be to organize an intervention and help a loved one go through Addiction Treatment. We provide a complimentary 30-minute pre-treatment consultation to enable you to decide if our support is appropriate for your needs. In addition, we offer sober companions intensive, discreet, professional one-on-one assistance, post-treatment support, recovery care monitoring, transition counseling, and intervention services.

Helping Socially Damaged People

Drugs used to treat opioid addiction aid recovery by restoring standard brain chemistry, reducing cravings, and relaying the onset of withdrawal symptoms in some circumstances. Even though it is not always simple to get an addict into a recovery facility, this kind of intense therapy is frequently crucial. It is pretty simple to stop taking drugs once you are admitted to a treatment facility since you can be in a drug-free environment for as long as you desire. You will then be able to handle the issues that arise when you stop using drugs. For those with impaired social functioning, our treatment is especially well-suited. You should also enroll in our drug treatment clinic if you have a lengthy history of drug misuse.

Medication Assisted Treatment Gate City

The Role of Medicine in Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction, or opioid use disorder (OUD), is a lifelong illness that can strike anyone. Millions of Americans suffer from opioid addiction. Certain opioid addiction treatment services, including outpatient therapy, prescription medicines, and rehabilitation services, are covered by state insurance programs and fall under several state plan categories.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines one of three drugs with counseling and other support services, the gold standard of care for OUD. Most state programs cover all three of these drugs, and all state programs cover at least one MAT-related prescription. Specific counseling and other support services, whether provided as part of MAT or individually, are also covered by state insurance programs.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment(MAT)?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which helps treat opioid use disorders (OUD) and may help some people recover, involves using drugs in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies. The use of pharmaceuticals to treat substance use disorders “whole-patient” by combining them with counseling and behavioral therapy. Some people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate a mental illness. Some people use medication to treat pain but become dependent on the pill as time passes.

The drugs utilized at Emmaus Medical & Counseling are clinically based, FDA-approved, and specially formulated to meet the needs of each patient. According to research, treating Substance Abuse Disorders with a mix of medication and treatment is effective, and for some people, medication can even help them maintain their recovery. Aside from treating opioid overdose, medications are also used to prevent it. Additionally, research suggests that by lowering the chance of recurrence, these drugs and treatments can help lessen a person’s risk of developing hepatitis C or HIV.

What is the Duration Period of MAT?

Buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone are the three medications whose use in treating opioid dependence has been approved by the FDA. Combining these three treatments with counseling and psychosocial assistance is secure and prosperous for everyone needing Substance Abuse Treatment. Everyone seeking therapy for an OUD should be given access to all three alternatives. Doing so enables healthcare professionals to collaborate with patients to choose the course of action most appropriate for each person’s requirements. Because OUD is chronic, the necessity for ongoing MAT should be reviewed regularly. Maintenance therapy has no set time limit; it may go on indefinitely for some patients. Not all substance abuse addiction centers in Gate City, VA, will fit your individual needs. Feel free to contact our substance abuse treatment center directly. You can call us to determine which facility will most suit your needs.

Gate City, VA

Mountains and music combine to create lifelong memories in the Town of Gate City. The city is designed to give our residents and tourists a pleasurable experience, whether they are staying a while or just passing through. You may find exciting stores, homestyle cuisine, cozy lodgings, and many welcoming people in Gate City, Virginia. Gate City has much to love, like our breathtaking mountain views and downtown activities.

Gate City is a neighborhood with 1,908 residents. Scott County contains Gate City. Residents of Gate City enjoy a minimal suburban vibe and most own homes. There are numerous medical facilities in Gate City, VA, including Holston Valley Medical Centre and Mountain Region Family Medicine.

Drug Rehabilitation

Our approach includes outpatient visits, individual and group therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. At Emmaus, we specialize in opiate abuse but treat all manner of substance addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Some SUDs require extra help. In some cases, our clinicians may prescribe Alcohol Use Disorder medications for severe cases of alcoholism.

Opioid addiction treatment, in particular, sometimes requires Medication-Assisted Treatment to cleanse a patient of their addiction. We use the medication to help with opioid addictions and have both a specialty clinic and doctor who will treat patients addicted to opioids.

Recovery Clinic

Recovery can be a long and difficult process, so our recovery clinic offers resources to help individuals build the skills they need to foster long-term sobriety. We provide one-on-one counseling, therapy, education classes, and support groups. Our goal is to ensure our patients have the resources and support they need for lasting sobriety.

Our MATs help ensure success after rehab and have been studied extensively. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the addition of MATs to regular counseling and rehab treatments has been shown to improve the survival rates of patients, increase retention in treatment, and improve patients’ ability to maintain employment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drug rehab generally includes six stages, from the height of addiction to the confidence of living life every day without the fear of relapse:

  • Precontemplation: An addicted person doesn’t think the severity of their condition and behavior is problematic.
  • Contemplation: The person begins to believe they may have a problem but have no commitment toward recovery.
  • Preparation: The addicted individual is ready to take action and may explore treatment options.
  • Action: They participate in treatment to understand their addiction, the cause for their condition, and ways to overcome it.
  • Maintenance and Relapse: Substance abuse rehabilitation takes time. The person will need to adjust to a new substance-free lifestyle that may include temporary setbacks.

Termination: The person no longer feels the need to indulge in the drugs of their choice.

The length of time a patient will stay in rehab depends on their level of care and the program they choose. Basic options include:

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • Extended programs

It is possible to overcome drug addiction over time. Substance abuse is a disease that not only affects one’s health but also influences behavior. It’s not an easy feat to get sober and remain that way, but it becomes less of a challenge as time goes on.

A stable support system and comprehensive treatment from a drug rehab center like Emmaus Medical & Counseling significantly increase the odds of sustained abstinence from substances. Other factors contributing to long-term sobriety include extended mental health treatment, reduced-risk environments, and social and spiritual support.

One of the potential consequences of substance abuse is jail time. Whether a person goes to jail due to possession of illicit drugs or drug-related behaviors, such as stealing, incarceration will force addicts to be sober.

However, using jail and prison time to end substance abuse is not as effective as drug rehab. Once a person is caught in the system for a drug-related offense, whether they are extensive users or not, their legal troubles make it harder for them to meet their needs. The additional stress of life after jail often causes people to continue down a destructive path.

Drug rehab facilities like Emmaus provide an alternative path to recovery. We give people the tools and support they need to live their lives without relying on substances. Give us a call today at 615-321-1201 for more information.

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