How Drug Addiction Ruins Your Life

Drug addiction and substance abuse can completely kick you off the course of your normal life. From missing social gatherings to skipping work, drug addiction can cause more harm than anything else. Slowly but surely a drug addict can lose all sense of reality and self if they are not saved from drug abuse.

“I’m not addicted, I’m just an occasional user” this is quite a common excuse that drug addicts use to defend their addiction. Not only does it cause them to stay in their imaginary bubble, but it also causes severe damage to the people around them. Let’s see how different types of drug addiction and illegal drugs can ruin your life if you’re not ready to accept change.

Cocaine Use and the Body

As a dangerous drug, cocaine can cause serious physical problems and mental health problems. However, there are many factors that can impact how long the effects of cocaine will have on users. These factors include: During the long-term and possibly long-term use of cocaine, the bone density is reduced. Cocaine reduces appetite, causing eating disorders in people. This substance significantly affects the metabolism of the body, making fats irrelevant and also reducing the amount of body fat that an individual may be having when they are taking cocaine.

It also causes severe damage to the brain and its mental functions. The high that cocaine gives you can make you believe that you can do anything, which is not a good thing we assure you. People have reportedly jumped off buildings, caused fatal accidents, committed serious crimes, and much more. Cocaine addicts like all other drug addicts are hooked to the drug and will act aggressively when they are sober.

Alcohol causes permanent damage to the body

When used a lot, even alcohol, the easiest drug to consume can cause serious harm. Alcohol abuse can damage the brain’s inner communications channels, cause mood disturbances, and can cause trouble with thinking and concentration. A severe example is a disease known as Korsakoff’s syndrome, a brain disorder developed when a drug or alcohol abuser reaches a state where they can lose control of their motor system because their brain is severely damaged. A deficiency in thiamine can occur in the brain as well as in the nervous system.

Drinking alcohol also causes its users to become aggressive and extremely agitated. It is quite common to see people who abuse alcohol getting into fights and even causing road rage and accidents.

Methamphetamine’s damage to the brain

Methamphetamines are very good at destroying brain dopamine neurotransmitters which are not available in other forms. During treatment, the Dopamine receptor will heal but permanent brain damage can cause relapse. Researchers say chronic meth consumption can damage motor coordination as a consequence of Parkinson’s disease. Changing brain chemicals may also result from a loss of movement in the muscles, which can cause violent and uncontrollable behavior.

Meth has a strong physical addiction and can also cause severe sleep deprivation, loss of hunger, digestive problems, and even total loss of sense of reality.

Drug use cause other mental health conditions

Drug abuse is common in mental disorders and vice versa. Sometimes mental illness can precede addiction. Sometimes drugs can cause or worsen such conditions, especially if people have specific vulnerabilities. Some people suffering from anxiety or depression can take medication if they need it. This increases the likelihood that the patient will develop addictions. Treatment for any condition can occur simultaneously.

Chronic drug use can also cause depression, anxiety, and even dementia. People who are recovering from serious drug abuse report regular pain and panic attacks later in their life.

Marijuana changes the body

Stimulative drugs like cocaine and meth have been criticized for their ability to induce dopamine from the brain; however, other drugs that may affect brain activity include marijuana. There is not much research done on the subject of marijuana but it reportedly affects the body in the long term. Marijuana users can also face serious dietary issues that are not that easy to solve even through the use of modern medicine.

Loss of Friends & Family

Drug abuse not only harms the addict but his friends and family members too. Drug addicts slowly wean into a state in which they lose the sense of family, friends, and loved ones. The only thing that they care about is getting more drugs and that’s it.

Friendships are completely destroyed because no one wants a druggy to be their friend in the long term. Close friends also leave after some time if they see no change in their habits.

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