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A person who has been getting treatment for any addiction goes through withdrawal symptoms that can lead to relapse. These symptoms affect not only the life of the newly recovered addict but also of others around. Addiction recovery requires several factors that must be taken care of along the way. For the family members of a recovering addict, many challenges might make it hard for some people. So how to have a successful relationship with a recovering addict? Keep reading this blog to find out.

Forming a healthy relationship with a recovering addict is highly important for friends and families. Since the person themselves are recovering from a strong addiction that has altered their mental health in some ways, they cannot put themselves out in public for social interactions. The people surrounding such people should learn about their conditions and actively encourage healthy relationships.

Showing Support

A person who has been involved in substance abuse and, upon realization, is trying to fix their habits goes through a recovery process. This recovery process can affect their romantic relationship as well as their relationships with family members. If you’re around someone who has suffered from substance abuse disorder, you must be careful about a few things. Showing support is one of the most influential and significant things that you, as a friend of the recovering addict, should have.

Drug addiction causes some serious problems for the people in the surroundings. Usually, recovering addicts feel emotions that can develop a sense of burden on the people around them. One should help a recovering addict in every way possible. They need support and acceptance from their friends and family. That not only helps them be better at their recovery process but also helps them interact better with other people.

Maintaining Boundaries

A person’s life changes a lot when they go through a dark phase. For instance, a recovering alcoholic may feel rage and uncertainty, which may cause others to mistake their actions. A general rule when interacting with recovering addicts is to allow them to have space. Due to the medications and rehabilitation facilities, people can become used to isolation, making it difficult to interact with people.

You, as a friend or family member of the recovering addict, need to understand the underlying cause behind their actions. They won’t say or do things they mean, so it’s essential to understand their thinking process. Rehabilitation facilities offer informational classes for relatives to learn how to manage things with a recovering addict. The effects may be more severe than when the person was in active addiction.

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Communication is Key

A recovering addict may be going through a lot of emotions. They can have feelings of abandonment from their close ones. It is the job of people around a recovering addict to let them know they’re in a safe space and they can express their emotions no matter how they sound. This is important for them because holding in feelings can bottle them up, resulting in an explosion of their feelings. Communication helps in healing for a recovering drug addict.

Early recovery can be achieved with the help of communication as it helps the recovering drug addict vent out their negative emotions and feelings. For newly recovering addicts, they need to have someone around who listens to them without getting annoyed or judging them. You can help your loved one in need by being there for them to talk about things. At this stage in their recovery program, they don’t require a person who tells them solutions but a person who listens to their problems and talks to them in healthy ways.

Maintaining relationships with recovering addicts

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Being Present

Addiction treatment is a great way to help an addict. However, some things need to be kept in the minds of those around. As an emotional support, you need patience to deal with them and encourage them to speak their minds. That can only be achieved if you are mentally present in their lives and looking after what they do. You could help them replace drug addiction with a healthy activity that would make them more open to social interaction.

A present mindset will help a recovering alcoholic or drug user in many ways. If you’re dating a recovering addict, you should know that they will require your attention specifically. Considering it’s a serious relationship, you must always be actively present in the situation. They need to be treated as if their the same person and nothing has changed so they can re-enter their lives.


What To Expect When Dating a Recovering Drug Addict?

It takes some awareness to date someone recovering from drug or alcohol usage. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker, you might want to consider a few other factors before beginning or ending a relationship with a former drug user. Addiction has a stigma, but many people recover and discover ways to lead clean lives.

One day, you could ponder how to help a significant other overcome an addiction. You could start dating an addict, develop feelings for someone who subsequently relapses, or learn that your spouse has a drug problem after you’ve been married. You must never forget the importance of your physical and mental wellness. You cannot “fix” or “heal” your spouse or force them to get better. If it is safe to do so, you might help them as they do the necessary healing tasks.


Drug addiction treatment is a slow but effective process requiring all sides’ efforts. Having someone around who is going through the recovery process calls for actively present behavior. Dating someone in recovery can get tricky, so it’s essential to learn about the healing process to be a better partner to them.

Emmaus Medical & Counseling offers the most effective addiction treatment programs. Our doctors are experienced and knowledgeable. If you have a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder, take a step for them and bring them to Emmaus Medical & Counseling. Our trained professionals will develop a customized treatment program for them and provide them with care and attention. Contact Emmaus Medical & Counseling today.

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We provide many different services in weber city including Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment, Recovery Clinic, Addiction Treatment Programs and Opioid Addiction Treatment. Get in touch if you need help in overcoming any of your addictions.

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Drug rehab generally includes six stages, from the height of addiction to the confidence of living life every day without the fear of relapse:

  • Precontemplation: An addicted person doesn’t think the severity of their condition and behavior is problematic.
  • Contemplation: The person begins to believe they may have a problem but have no commitment toward recovery.
  • Preparation: The addicted individual is ready to take action and may explore treatment options.
  • Action: They participate in treatment to understand their addiction, the cause for their condition, and ways to overcome it.
  • Maintenance and Relapse: Substance abuse rehabilitation takes time. The person will need to adjust to a new substance-free lifestyle that may include temporary setbacks.

Termination: The person no longer feels the need to indulge in the drugs of their choice.

The length of time a patient will stay in rehab depends on their level of care and the program they choose. Basic options include:

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • Extended programs

It is possible to overcome drug addiction over time. Substance abuse is a disease that not only affects one’s health but also influences behavior. It’s not an easy feat to get sober and remain that way, but it becomes less of a challenge as time goes on.

A stable support system and comprehensive treatment from a drug rehab center like Emmaus Medical & Counseling significantly increase the odds of sustained abstinence from substances. Other factors contributing to long-term sobriety include extended mental health treatment, reduced-risk environments, and social and spiritual support.

One of the potential consequences of substance abuse is jail time. Whether a person goes to jail due to possession of illicit drugs or drug-related behaviors, such as stealing, incarceration will force addicts to be sober.

However, using jail and prison time to end substance abuse is not as effective as drug rehab. Once a person is caught in the system for a drug-related offense, whether they are extensive users or not, their legal troubles make it harder for them to meet their needs. The additional stress of life after jail often causes people to continue down a destructive path.

Drug rehab facilities like Emmaus provide an alternative path to recovery. We give people the tools and support they need to live their lives without relying on substances. Give us a call today at 615-321-1201 for more information.

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The Services That We Provide:

We provide many different services in weber city including Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment, Recovery Clinic, Addiction Treatment Programs and Opioid Addiction Treatment. Get in touch if you need help in overcoming any of your addictions.

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