What to Expect From Our
Addiction Treatment Program

While there are many reasons why people choose not to seek treatment, others need help determining what to anticipate from an alcohol treatment center. Our treatment plan will be effective, and we will drive the patient to see it through to the end. When people know what each therapy component includes, we can help them prepare for each phase of the procedure and be motivated to finish the program and achieve recovery. You will be able to uncover the most excellent addiction treatment choices at the most reasonable prices while in the consideration and preparation phases of your journey to sobriety.

Our Approach

Living at home while receiving outpatient therapy entails frequent weekly attendance at a treatment facility. You’ll participate in many of the same programs—such as therapy sessions and educational classes—provided by residential treatment centers, except that you don’t stay there.

Outpatient Visits

Those who cannot have their habits disrupted receive treatment from us in an outpatient setting.

Individual Therapy

If you want to talk about your problems privately with a counselor, individual counseling is for you.

Group Therapy

Our group therapy is quite effective and aids clients in making treatment decisions right away.

Medication Assisted Treatment(MAT)

MAT was initially developed primarily as an opioid treatment to assist patients in quitting opioid use and securely resuming their everyday life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist those struggling with alcohol abuse while using positive, supportive care toward recovery and purpose.

  • Faith-Supported

    We support paths to attain psychological and spiritual wellness while advocating for each person’s unique healing journey.

  • Specialty

    Our primary focus is opiate abuse, as it seems responsible for most deaths associated with substance abuse. However, we treat all addictions, such as alcohol and stimulant abuse.

  • History

    Since 2006, we have been operating and improving at a Greenville, Tennessee, Area facility. We currently have three locations in Tennessee: Bulls Gap and Johnson City. We are continuing to expand as the need is overwhelming.

Quality, Efficiency, And

Our mission is to assist those struggling with substance use disorder.

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Opioid Addiction

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Insurance Accepted

We currently accept all patients, and most insurances. Assuredly, if we don’t accept a patient’s
insurance, we work with them to help keep their care affordable

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