Most Common Excuses For Not Going to Rehab Center

People who are victims of substance abuse are generally not open to the idea of seeking treatment due to a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are that they find it shameful to discuss it with their family members or they don’t think they need treatment for it. A drug addict will always find excuses to avoid going to a rehab center. That is because they don’t think there is something wrong with what they’re doing, which is drug abuse. The step that comes before going to a rehabilitation program is “identifying the problem.”

Many people who are caught up in drug addiction point out the problem themselves considering the negative consequences that the drugs and alcohol are causing them. For some, family members and friends take the step of letting them know amicably that they need professional help.

Here are some of the most common excuses drug addicts make for not going to a rehab center: 

“Drugs Keep me Sane and Help me Function Properly”

This is one of the most typical sentences used by drug addicts when talking about joining a rehab center. They think the drug makes them normal and brings the best out of them. Hence, the most important step to take before any other is to identify the problem. 

Addiction treatment can be scary for a person who has such a mindset. Such people need to be reminded that they are only harming their health and hurting not only themselves but the people surrounding them as well. Once they accept the fact that they need medical treatment for their condition, then the idea of drug and alcohol rehab can be introduced to them. 

“I can Quit anytime I Like, I Don’t Do it by Choice”

To think that you can quit doing drugs anytime you like is the biggest lie you can tell yourself as a drug addict. This is one of the most common symptoms of a substance use disorder. People who think this way are never able to identify the problems they are facing. Such people spend time without drugs and find it fine, but they almost always end up going back. If that happens a couple of times, then they are able to realize that they can’t stop using. 

The drug treatment provided at rehabilitation centers is all about that control. Patients are taught how to fight the urge to go back. Usually, every addict is able to stop doing drugs for a day or two or even for a whole month, for some people, but if they end up going back then it is up to their loved ones to know how we can help people addicted with alcohol.

“I Don’t Hurt Anyone So it’s Okay if I Keep Using”

Another misconception that a lot of drug addicts have is that they don’t harm anyone else with their addiction. At this point in their lives, they understand the fact that yes drugs are ruining “their” lives but not anyone else’s. Which is incorrect. When a person is under influence of any sort of drug or alcohol, they say and do things that hurt people. 

Alcohol addiction out of all the addictions is one of the most severe conditions where people lose their stability and things get out of their control. People with such excuses need to be reminded how their actions can lead to harmful events for the public at large. Training at an expert treatment center highlights the adverse effects of alcohol abuse. 

“I’m Doing Just Fine. Some People Are Far Worse”

A person battling drug addiction will always compare themselves to others in similar situations considering they are better at dealing with the problem than them. This happens when drug addicts compare themselves with other drug addicts who are far more deeply into the addiction than them. You can certainly not compare yourself to a person who has been doing drugs for five-to-six years when you’ve only been using for a year. It’s quite obvious that the more time a person does drugs, his condition gets worse.

It is always better to address the problem at an early stage and nip it from the bud right away. If you are on a path to getting rid of drug abuse, then consider this; You have taken a bold step in identifying the problem. You have realized that what you were doing is wrong not only for you but for your family members as well. So, use that to seek treatment. Strive for a sober living before you start experiencing physical and mental symptoms. 

“People Will Judge Me”

This is one of the excuses that is somewhat valid. For a person who has realized his mistake and condition, the opinions of family members and people around him also start to matter. The only answer to such questioning thinking is that alcohol treatment or going to drug rehab is only for the betterment of the drug addict. People who are not in a similar situation can judge very easily, but a person who is fighting for improvement relates to the problem more than anything else. There is remorse, shame, and hate filled in the heart of a drug addict when he comes to this point. 

If a good treatment program is opted for, then you may find that their main goal is to make you believe in the fact that anyone could have done what you did. But what you did, didn’t make you a bad person. A lot of positive roles can be played by family members and close friends in this regard to make the person believe how strong they are to take such a bold step. 

“Rehab is Expensive”

The facilities and treatments rehabilitation centers provide sum up to be very expensive and not every drug addict is in a position to afford it. The main reason for this is that many drug addicts lose their money to drugs and alcohol and become financially unstable. However, it is still not a good enough excuse to avoid helping yourself out. 

Rehabilitation centers provide programs for their patients that allow them to receive medical care and later on pay them back by community work or other modes. Other modes include payment plans and even loans. If you are getting treatment for something from which you will benefit mentally and health-wise, then you should consider every possibility to make that happen. 

“I’ve Been to Rehab, It Didn’t Work”

Many drug addicts make the wrong choice in finding the right place to help them recover from addiction. Every patient has different needs when it comes to rehabilitation. Their treatment plan needs to be altered according to their requirements. Going to the wrong place can prove to be inadequate for a patient in that regard. Picking the right place for your treatment is a very important thing to do.

Another mistake that recovering addicts make is that they look for rapid results. Trusting the process is part of the recovery process itself. You must believe that you will recover and conquer what you are fighting for at the end of the day. That’s only if you keep working on it every day with the same effort and devotion. Give yourself reminders of how far you’ve come.


To conclude, we can quite evidently say that drug addiction is a very serious issue. The people who are facing it actually know the intensity of this issue. For a problem that a lot of people face, rehabilitation is a great service being provided by many treatment centers. If you are dealing with drug addiction or if you know a friend who is, then take action. Alcohol and drug addiction can lead to adverse effects on your mind and body. You may not see the negative aspects of it in the beginning but with the passage of time, it begins to show. However, it’s never too late to start working on it in order to get out of it. People with severe substance use disorders have gotten treatment and recovered and so can a person who is not that far into it. Addressing the problem at an early stage is always a good idea and one should be mindful of it. 

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