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Substance Abuse Treatment in Weber City

Drug addiction or substance use disorder is a complicated condition that causes people to experience many physical, psychological, and behavioral changes. Recovering from addiction comes with an uncomfortable and often painful withdrawal period when drug and alcohol cravings are highest.

Substance abuse treatment helps addicts get through withdrawal and abstain from drug and alcohol use in the future.

At Emmaus Medical & Counseling in Weber City, TN, we provide superior treatment plans for all manner of drug and alcohol addiction. Since 2006, we have been committing ourselves to the rehabilitation of people with addiction struggles. We offer an array of outpatient services, including behavioral therapies and medication-assisted treatment to improve the lives of our patients.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Weber City

What To Know About Drug Addiction Treatment

People who experience addiction may misuse various substances, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and prescription medication. No matter the drug of choice, prolonged misuse can have devastating consequences in the lives of addicted people and their loved ones. Some of the results of drug abuse include:

  • Fractured families
  • Social isolation
  • Incarceration
  • Organ damage
  • Death

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction alone is incredibly difficult, which is why Emmaus offers substance abuse treatment that caters to each patient’s specific needs. While we specialize in opiate addictions, our counselors and therapists have the skills and compassion to help people overcome other drug addictions as well.

Our rehab program includes outpatient visits in a faith-supported, clinic-based setting. We also provide telemedicine on an as-needed basis. We understand that substance abuse can occur with anyone, including hardworking Weber City, TN residents.

Our goal is to help every patient resume a regular everyday routine and improve their quality of life without substance abuse.

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Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

At the Emmaus rehab program in Weber City, TN, our staff treats various drug addictions in people from all walks of life. Some of the most common signs of substance abuse we see are:

  • Using drugs and alcohol for a sense of normalcy
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, nausea, vomiting, depression, etc.) after abstaining for several days
  • Having trouble stopping drug use
  • Experiencing memory loss or blackouts while under the influence
Substance Abuse Treatment in Weber City

How To Know It’s Time To Seek Treatment Plans

Even when people exhibit the signs of substance abuse, they may not feel the need to seek substance abuse treatment immediately. Extended drug use will alter the brain, affecting behavior and reasoning. People who experience the following symptoms will need effective intervention to prevent long-term mental, physical, and financial damage:

  • Compulsive behavior
  • Inability to recognize addiction problem
  • Lack of motivation

What To Expect From Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At Emmaus in Weber City, TN, we treat patients as part of our outpatient rehab program. Patients are free to return home each day after treatment, but they will come to our facility for daily care. Our experienced therapists and addiction counselors use therapy to help people understand their habits while building them up to develop life goals and motivations.

Therapy comes in two forms at our facility: individual and group. Through intensive counseling, we help people overcome dysfunctional thought processes that many people with addictions experience and teach them how to develop effective coping mechanisms instead of using drugs and alcohol. Other types of treatment we offer are:

  • 12-step programs
  • Patient support systems
  • Faith-based approaches

The Emmaus team also uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to wean substances abusers off drugs gently. MAT, along with behavioral therapies and counseling, creates a “whole person” approach to substance abuse treatment. We tailor every aspect of our treatment plans to every patient’s needs to help them sustain drug abuse recovery.

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If you or a loved one is having difficulty overcoming drug addiction, turn to the highly trained and skilled professionals at Emmaus Medical & Counseling. Serving the Weber City, TN, community for over 10 years, our facility offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs to help people maintain sobriety long-term. Please call 615-321-1201 to schedule an appointment today.

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FAQs About Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the best ways to reduce substance abuse in youth, adult, and at-risk groups is through promoting healthy and informed attitudes about drugs and alcohol within the community. The general idea of this approach is that the more knowledgeable people are about the dangers of substance abuse and its effects on individuals, families, and neighborhoods, the more people will abstain from drug use.

Strategies that help reduce substance abuse include:

  • Supporting youth and social development activities to engage teens and young adults
  • Supporting local policies to reduce cannabis use and underage access to alcohol

Increasing access to substance abuse treatment programs

Substance abuse treatment is a practical approach to addiction recovery for several reasons. Treatment facilities often require patients to participate in their programs for an adequate amount of time, usually a minimum of 30 days, to ensure that they have the necessary strategies to reduce their urge to participate in drugs or alcohol.

Treatments address needs beyond addiction, such as legal, social, mental, medical, and environmental issues. Behavioral therapies, including individual, group, and family counseling, help people uncover the reason for their struggles. Counseling also teaches them how to resist drug use, develop better social relationships, and problem solve.

There’s no one cause of drug and alcohol addiction because several factors contribute to the development of the condition. A person’s environment plays a significant role in substance abuse. Everything from a person’s familial attitudes and history of drugs to substance exposure from peer groups can lead a person toward a path of addiction.

Genetics is another contributing factor. Some people develop harmful habits after experimenting with substances because of genetic traits. Though drug addiction is not an inherited trait in the strictest of terms, a person’s genetic makeup can speed up the effects of addiction or worsen the disease’s effects.

Other contributing factors to addiction development include stress, sexual and physical abuse, and mental development. It’s possible to overcome these issues with the help of substance abuse treatment.

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