Why we do what we do

Emmaus Medical July 11, 2023 0 Comments

It’s easy…we love God and therefore we love people.
As a board certified Emergency medicine physician and addictionologist, I
saw the consequences and patterns of opiate abuse in the ERs.

Additionally, I would continually hear my colleagues frustration with this
group of people. Many times I was frustrated as well however at one point I
asked the question, “How bad must it be for them to fake an injury or
sometimes cause an injury in an attempt to get a certain drug?”

My heart started to change.

Around that time a neighbor and physician, invited me to participate in a
rehabilitation clinic with him to see how he was helping this population.
Prayerfully, I agreed to sit in. It was one of the best decisions I made. I
began to realize the majority of this incredible population of people don’t
want to be struggling with the disorder they struggle with. They want to be
looked at as normal in society. They don’t want to live with lies, shame and
judgment from others.

I wanted to help. I became certified but not boarded at that time. I practiced
a couple of years improving patient care and studying the field. I knew that
this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my career, and therefore
enrolled in courses to help train me in becoming board-certified in
addiction medicine. My next step involved opening my own practice and
creating a safe place to reach those struggling with addiction.
I am excited to grow and look forward to new progress with medication and
treatment in this field of medicine. I look forward to those changes while
leaning on God for our support.

So come, all that are struggling! Find a place of safety and rest as we help
you build a successful life! This disease can be treated!!

Dr Charles Backus
Emmaus Medical and counseling, TN
Patient focused, Life changing, Non-judging

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